Frequently Asked Questions2018-09-14T11:55:26-07:00
Features for Potty Boss Bag2018-09-01T12:25:28-07:00

• Easy shoulder strap for carrying (Removable shoulder straps)
• Allow caregivers to have hands free in transporting potty boss diamond
• Two zipper compartments for storage
• Easy to clean

What is the Potty Boss Diamond Bag Made of2018-09-01T12:24:16-07:00

• Oxford Cloth for outside bag.
• Nylon strap
• PP handles
• PET synthetic polyester liner.
• Feature

Features for Potty Boss Diamond2018-09-01T12:23:08-07:00

• Protection barrier seat provides balance and safe experience in transitioning use on toilets
• Hidden in plain sight
• Compact/Light weight
• Self-contained portable case
• Pinch free protection
• Hand handles giving child a sense of security during Potty transition time
• Snap open, snap close
• Build-in bottom bumper guards
• Easy to clean mild soap and water
• Maximum Weight Recommendation: 60 pounds
• Product Weight: 1 pound approximate
• Fits most standard and elongated toilet seats

What is The Potty Boss Made Of2018-09-01T12:22:34-07:00

• Plastic: PP (polypropylene) Seat
• Plastic: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Case
• Rubber: Silicone seat bottom

Who do I contact for additional information?2018-09-01T12:20:48-07:00

Support team: 

What toilet seat can we use potty boss diamond?2018-09-01T12:20:07-07:00

Potty boss diamond fits most standard and elongated toilet seat.

What is the maximum weight?2018-09-01T12:19:35-07:00

Maximum weight recommendation are 60 pounds

What is the age range for children?2018-09-01T12:19:01-07:00

Potty training ages to maximum weight of 60 pounds. Each child will vary in age and weight.

What colors are available?2018-09-01T12:18:26-07:00

Orange, Blue, Green and Pink.

In what currency are your prices?2018-09-01T12:11:04-07:00

Prices are in US currency.

What payment methods do you accept?2018-09-01T12:11:29-07:00

We accept major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

How much is shipping?2018-09-01T12:12:07-07:00

USPS shipping and handling disclosed in your shopping cart area.

Do you ship international?2018-09-01T12:16:47-07:00

Not at this time, United States only.

When will I get my order?2018-09-01T12:17:26-07:00

Shipping 7-10 days delivery.

How do I clean my Potty Boss Diamond?2018-09-01T11:55:56-07:00

Clean Potty Boss with mild soap and water.

Can boys use the Potty Boss Diamond?2018-09-01T11:55:29-07:00

Yes. Potty Boss was designed for ALL children in mind.

Can Potty Boss Diamond be used on home toilets?2018-09-01T11:54:52-07:00

Yes, perfect for home or on the go.

Can my child use Potty Boss Diamond alone?2018-09-01T11:54:24-07:00

Children should be assisted by parents or caregivers when using Potty Boss Diamond.