About The Inventor

Linda F. Grant

Inventor of the “Potty Boss”

Linda F. Grant, the Founder and CEO of Potty Boss, Inc. of Bakersfield, California.  She was a wife and mother of two lovely children, a son and a daughter, a grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters and a grandson. She was self-motivated, passionate and challenge herself daily to go after and to follow her dreams.  She was focus-centered and purpose driven and believe in staying the course and not giving up nor turning back, but instead, persevering and finishing the course.  It is that inward drive within her that refuses to let me give up.

How she became an Inventor

She started as an inventor when she realized that there was a need for a product to help parents and caregivers who are on the go with small kids who are transitioning from home toileting to public toileting. It was out of this urgent need to raise the awareness of families about protecting their young children from exposure to harmful germs and bacteria found on toilet seats in public restrooms, she knew what she wanted but it was not out there.  After not being successful in her search, she sat down and began to sketch what she had envisioned for the solution.  What she envisioned was a portable toilet seat protector, user-friendly, customized for young children.  That was when the concept for the Potty Boss was conceived. Potty Boss, a beautiful, personal and most convenient portable toilet seat protector, designed for families with small children on the go.

Concept Design

Potty Boss was designed to “protect their body when they go potty.”  It is a portable potty seat cover within its own beautiful, multi-colors, self-contained case hidden in plain sight.  It is a compact, portable, reusable toilet seat protection cover and can go where you go – restaurants, theater, shopping, etc.   It is a one-of-a-kind toilet seat protector in the marketplace.  You may call it kids’ potty, travel potty seat, go potty, or potty barrier.  It goes where you go, protecting them that is on the go.

Mission Statement

My mission is to assist small children and families in the transition from home toileting to public toilet seats, protecting them from germs, bacteria, fluids, and grime on public toilet seats.