Features for Potty Boss Bag


• Easy shoulder strap for carrying (Removable shoulder straps) • Allow caregivers to have hands free in transporting potty boss diamond • Two zipper compartments for storage • Easy to [...]

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What is the Potty Boss Diamond Bag Made of


• Oxford Cloth for outside bag. • Nylon strap • PP handles • PET synthetic polyester liner. • Feature

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Features for Potty Boss Diamond


• Protection barrier seat provides balance and safe experience in transitioning use on toilets • Hidden in plain sight • Compact/Light weight • Self-contained portable case • Pinch free protection [...]

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What is The Potty Boss Made Of


• Plastic: PP (polypropylene) Seat • Plastic: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Case • Rubber: Silicone seat bottom

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